I’m a life-long Wheaton resident and have been a freelancejim-the-photographer_144652 commercial photographer starting in the 1970’s.  My freelance work has taken me across the country – and around the world.  I have a one page “intro” on my portfolio web site:  www.whitmers.com/IntroPage  This “photo overview” of my career will give you an idea of the range of work and subject material I’ve been fortunate to photograph.

My work with the advertising and publishing industries have given me a great opportunity to use my artistic skills as a “visual communicator,” a job I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having.  At this point, I have a strong interest in working with the business community doing head shots, using my years of advanced digital editing skills to deliver an advanced level finished digital file.  My customers are always pleasantly surprised at how I can appropriately make some adjustments to enhance a portrait.

I also have a more complete bio along with my wife, Mary, who has also been in this photo business with me from the start:   http://whitmers.com/bio.htm   A number of unusual photo “ops” from over the years are mentioned in this bio.